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There are few instrumets that has so many variables and options as a guitar and its neck! Therefor, we consider all orders as custom orders! Sometime in the distant future, you will arrive to an awesome amazing and brilliant web shop when clicking on the link you just clicked on. But, for now, we have to do this this a bit more old school, analog or in 80's fashion!

It's quite easy to order a neck from us! Just drop us an email by clicking This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll get the ball rolling!
Since you are in here,  you most probably want something that is a bit more custom!
Our custom shop offers different tints to the finish, side bindigs, compound radius, luminlay, floyd rose cut outs and a wider selection of woods and inlays.

So let us know what you are after. We can most probably build it for you!


If you don't trust us, you can always go to the awesome amazing and brilliant Warmoth web shop, and order your neck there. But it will add 6 weeks to the procedure, and it will cost more. Your choice!
If you chose the Warmoth option, make sure to inform Warmoth that the neck should be shipped to you plain, without nut, nut cut out , frets, frets slots, postion dots,side dots or finish!

It is very important that the neck is shipped to you first,so you can observe and inspect your product to insure the aesthetic is to your liking. The neck can not be shipped directly to us since it negates your 10 day satisfaction guarantee with Warmoth.

If you are an international buyer living outside The United States, TT Texas Guitars will order your custom neck according to your specification for you, to keep import and export costs to a minimum!

You can of course have someone else build your neck as well if you prefer that. We swing most ways! As long as it is delivered to us the same way as described for Warmoth above.

Here are some images of custom jobs we've done in the past.


AA-03-LR                  Screenshot-2018-10-23-at-19.03             SRV-7-web

Tony-Nobles-Joe-Vitale-Guitar 7867                   tt6                       Tony-Nobles-Joe-Vitale-Guitar 7866