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TT-Globe-Webb h100

Telecaster Retrofit Necks

We are FINALLY introducing our new line of Telecaster Retrofit necks!

Meet our new generation of Retro Fit Necks for Telecaster Style Guitars!
These necks are hand made in USA and comes with a higher quality and finish than our previous necks.

This is what you get:

* Clear Satin Matte or Glossy Finish
* 12" or 16" Fingerboard radius
* 25,5" Scale Length
* Maple neck with Ebony, Rosewood or Maple fingerboard.
* Mother of Pearl, Abalone or Black position markers and side dots
* Standard or CBS Style Peg Head
* 22 True Temperament Formula 1 Jumbo Fret System
* Stainless Steel Frets

* 1 11/16" Nut width
* Modern C Back Profile
* Modern 10mmTuner Holes
* Double Action Truss Rod
* 2 year warranty

* Made in The USA

1 100 USD plus shipping.
You can also get the following upgrades:
Reverse Headstock, Tinted Lacquer , 24 fret extension, Low C,Boat, 59' Roundback or Fat Back Profile, Luminlay,Scalloping,Floyd Rose Cut out, Custom Inlay & Side Bindings.