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After proceeding carefully during the start of 2013, seeing this as our trial and error year and ensuring that all links of the production chain are strong, the company is
now ready to be a bit more aggressive in marketing of the products. But since we are
talking about a product that is handmade, we need to take baby steps forward, in order to be able to maintain the high quality that a high end product like this must have.

Going forward we'll continue to work hard to increase the precense of True Temperament related products on our market, The Americas!

We are also constantly browsing the European market for other products related to the True Temperament Fretting system that we can represent in The Americas.So stay tuned, because there will be more guitars and other products popping up on this webpage within soon!


aboutus-webbAnders Thidell and Ola Melzig. Founders of TT Texas Guitars LLC