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Over the years,our most popular and versatile Temperament is the Thidell Formula 1, has become the standard temperament.

All prices are based on this Temperament.

There are more or less three basic options of how to get True Temperament installed on your guitar:

1. Remove the existing fingerboard from the neck and replace it with a TT Fingerboard. Price depends on your choice of wood, and if you want side bindings or not.

2. Remove the frets and plane down an existing bolt on neck and replace the fingerboard with a TT fingerboard of your choice. This is the only way to keep your original logotype on the peg head.

3. Replace the existing bolt on neck with a TT replacement neck for bolt on neck guitars. The price below does not include the actual neck. Click HERE for information about orderering a custom neck.

There are no such thing as a standard order in the wonderful world of guitars, so we quote each individual job upon request!

Fingerboard Replacement:                                                            From 1 200 USD

TT Replacement Neck with Rosewood or maple Fingerboard:   From 1 050 USD 

Scalloping                                                                                      20 USD / Fret

Standard Side Bindings in white or cream:                                   200 USD

Side Bindings for color matching lacquer toner:                           300 USD

Floyd Rose Cut Out                                                                        75 USD