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Tuning True Temperament Formula 1:

For optimal results, we recommend using the Sonic Research ST-300 Turbo Tuner (please see below).When tuning by ear, or with a standard chromatic tuner, it is vital to observe the following:

Tuning the open strings - except for the A string - to an ordinary chromatic tuner will not work with our Thidell Formula 1 temperament, as the open strings are not tuned in equal tempered intervals. But any good tuner will work if you tune A notes on each string: 5th fret on the E strings, open A, 7th fret on the D, 2nd fret on the G, and 10th fret on the B. 

If you are tuning by ear, you should always take an A note as reference when tuning to another instrument. Tip: the 5th fret harmonic on the A string, and the 5th fret note on the high E string, should both be A=440Hz. (Or A=442Hz, etc, if that is what you prefer.)

Any correct tuning method using unison or octave intervals will work. Here is a method that works well:

Tune A string to a reference frequency.

Compare low E string 12th fret harmonic to A string, 7th fret- tune E.

Compare A string 12th fret harmonic to D string, 7th fret - tune D.

Compare D string 12th fret harmonic to G string, 7th fret - tune G.

Compare G string 12th fret harmonic to B string, 8th fret - tune B.

Compare B string 12th fret harmonic to high E string, 7th fret - tune E.

Never use the 7th fret harmonics for tuning!  

Tuning offsets for programmable tuners

(cents offset from Equal Temper):

TT Thidell Formula 1:

1st:               E4                 -1.0

2nd:             B3                 -1.0

3rd:              G3                +4.0

4th:              D3                +2.0

5th:              A2                 0.0

6th:              E2                 -2.0

TT F1 Bass:

1st:               G2                +4.0

2nd:             D2                +2.0

3rd:              A1                 0.0

4th:              E1                 -2.0


1st:               B3                 -3.0  

2nd:             F#3               -3.0

3rd:              D3                +2.0

4th:              A2                 0.0

5th:              E2                 -2.0

6th:              B1                 -4.0

For optimal results when tuning a True Temperament guitar - or any guitar, for that matter! - we strongly recommend the Sonic Research ST-300 Turbo Tuner. It is a true strobe tuner - not “virtual” - with an outstanding display and extreme accuracy (plus/minus 0.02 cents). This is the best tuner for guitars we have ever used, at any price. At $130 it's a steal. (And it comes with our TT temperaments pre-programmed.) Please check it out in our shop!Click here!