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We offer a custom service for set-neck guitars, and for instruments where none of our standard TT bolt-on necks is compatible. The majority of existing guitars, both electric and acoustic, can be retrofitted with a True Temperament fingerboard.

This involves replacing the existing fingerboard or bolt on a new neck. Filling in the existing fret slots and routing new ones is a non-no as it:

1. Always leaves visible traces of old slots.

2. Playes havoc with the machining

3. The old position markers will not align correctly with the True Temperament fret slots

4. Larger inlays may in many cases even be bisected by the True Temperament fret slots, particularly up above the 12th fret.

Replacing the fingerboard is a very labour-intensive operation, and the price tag reflects this. We install abalone, mother of pearl or black plastic dots on our fingerboards as position markers and side dots as standard.

We have in house capacity for any custom inlay work in abolone or mother of pearl, or precise replication of existing inlays.
This will be charged extra according to the complexity of the job. Bindings also add to the cost.



A ebony fingerboard getting the fret slots done in the CNC machine. This is the only step in the production that can be made by a machine. All other parts of the installation are hand made!



 Once the finerboard is slotted in the CNC, it has to be glued on and trimmed to fit the beck, before we can install the frets.Here is our Head Luthier, Tony Nobles working hard.


fingerboard i

 All frets are individually glued and installed by hand. Once installed, they are first trimmed down with a plier, before we rasp them down to perfect fit, before the frets are finally crowned and polished. TT Texas Guitars use A LOT of sandpaper...........



The procedure is very delicate and time consuming, since we can't cause any damage to the actual guitar, we reckon you would be kind of upset if we did....... SO WE DON'T!

Your guitar is very safe with us.



Once the frets are crowned and all spill glue has been removed from the fingerboard, it's time to apply the finish on the neck.We use a nitrocellulose lacquer finish as a standard coating on all necks.You can choose between clear matte satin or high gloss as standard finish. We do offer other types of finish upon request. Once the lacquer has dried, the lacquer is removed from the actual frets with a razor blade before it's ready to be shipped to you.