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Our concert pitch electric guitar necks in 24-3/4″ and 25-1/2″ scale length are optimised for standard plain 3rd roundwound string sets from 0.009″ – 0.046″ & 0.010″ – 0.046″, to 0,011″ - 0,050″. We have found that normal intonation at the octave is enough to handle this range of gauges.

Our LOW TUNE model is optimised for 0.014” – 0.018” – 0.024” plain – 0.036” – 0.052” – 0.060” roundwound strings.

Using a wound 3rd is not an option if you have a True Temperament neck designed for a plain 3rd string.

Our steel-string acoustic fingerboard (650mm scale) is optimised for standard 0.012” – 0.054” bronzewound strings with a wound 3rd.

We also have a version for 641mm scale steel-string guitar with a plain (0.018″) G (as used by Steve Vai on his Ibanez Euphoria EP9 signature model).

Our nylon-string acoustic fingerboard (650 mm scale) is optimised for Savarez Corum Alliance strings (blue packet).

Our bass necks (34” scale) are optimised for standard roundwound 0.045” – 0.105” strings.